Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bamboo Craft Banyuwangi. Unique Point of Bamboo Art

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Hii Guys..

This time I want to share about Bamboo Craft in Banyuwangi. My village have good Bamboo Craft product. People there work well, so they can make good quality Bamboo Craft. We have many style bamboo product as tissue box, food place, night lamp and many other.
Bamboo Craft have so many style of handling in each place. I have visited and saw Bamboo Craftsmen in some village at my destination. I think each of them have different style and different idea than other.

I have asked how can i sell their product to the international market to my friend in China, as we know that China have good experience of Bamboo Craft business. She said that I'll do so difficult to sell Indonesian Bamboo Craft because Chines product is so good and cheaper than other. She gave me advice better when I sell our product just in local market.

But I think here our Bamboo Craft have different character and special kind of product. I took a decision that I'll try to sell our Bamboo Craft.

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