Tuesday, November 5, 2013

BAMBoo Craft. Several Products for Considering

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Bamboo Craft.
Actually we have many bamboo tree at some village so we don't have any difficulty to process bamboo craft and give best service for your order.

As we told that we have so many shape kinds of bamboo craft product. Here we post again some bamboo craft style to complete some style on the pst beforehand, it's can be your consider.

1. Garden Lampshade Bamboo Craft
This lampshade decoration accessories will be seen nice in your garden in the night. You can also put it into your party room or any special room. This lampshade can be stand alone on the floor without any desk or hanged on the roof.

2. Trash Can Bamboo Craft
You can put this product near your office desk so your office will be seen different than other. You don't need to go long distance to discard your waste paper.

3. Fruits Basket / Gift Basket Bamboo Craft
Your fresh fruits will look so fresh naturally with this Bamboo Basket. You may bring those fruits in the bamboo basket visit to your family or your parents. Surely, they will so happy when see what you bring for them. You can also put any funny doll or special cloth and give this gift to your friend on their special day.

4. Animal (Duck) Puppet Bamboo Craft
We can make any shape of puppet from bamboo and bamboo root. For example we made duck puppet, mask, statue, dog and other shape.

5. Sheet of Woven Bamboo Craft
This is not finish good of bamboo craft. But you can use it for your roof interior or other function. We can prepare this letter of woven bamboo with size as you want.

Our Bamboo Craft product made by craftsman who have high skill and long time experience for their job. We will also control our quality and quantity target to give you satisfy for our product.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

BambooCraft. Banyuwangi's Green Products Suppliers

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BambooCraft - Hii Dear.. You must know that bamboo have so many benefit and so use full for human's life. Here we can make bamboo to be many kinds of beautiful product. Even, we can use it for our some need's.

Here they are :

1. Hamper Bamboo Craft
We can make hamper from bamboo. This hamper match for picnic and deliver cookies to neighbors. We can give you any color as you want for this hamper.

2. Roof Lampshade Bamboo Craft
You can hang this lampshade on the roof and those room will look more natural than before. You can also built the match theme for your room with other natural accessories and arrange the match color as you want.

3. Cake Cover Bamboo Craft
This product will protect your sweet cake from any dirty insect, dust and many kind of dirt. Your cake will look so nice with this Bamboo Product. Put it on your cake plate so your cake will save from dirty insect.

4. Dining Table Cover Bamboo Craft
This product will make your dining table look nice. This food cover is bigger than cake cover. The architecture also stronger than cake cover. You can also blend this product with Cake Cover and Roof Lampshade in your dinning room.

5. Dry Trash Cover Craft
You must know that this product is very use full for your work room and parlor. This product will be caused your home keep in clean from any paper and plastic dirt.

Other kind of product can be found in other page, please see it (click) here. And then you can set you own theme design of your naturally home with Our Bamboo Art product. See you on the next post.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bamboo Product. Indonesian Bamboo Craft and Bamboo Art

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Bamboo product have very rich style. Chinese Bamboo, India and Indonesia have unique character of their own bamboo product. So we must see detail surely before claim about quality and interest.

In this post i want to share about our Bamboo Product here in Indonesia. Exactly Bamboo Craft Product in our village in Banyuwangi, East Java area. We have many kinds Bamboo craft style in some Craftsmen Unit.

1. Gazebo Bamboo Craft
Gazebo is mini hut Bambo craft. You may put Gazebo in your garden at home or any out door area. You can stay read book, do lunch or do any relaxed activity in this mini hut.

2. Lampshade Bamboo Craft
 You need lampshade for the night lighting. You will feel more relax to sleep in the night with it. Here we have lampshade made from bamboo with artistic shape and color.
3. Tissue Box Bamboo Craft
We usually put tissue box on the table. We can put our artistic Tissue Box Bamboo Craft for naturally room design.  You can choose box shape, cylinder shape, five square or as your order.

4. Plate Bamboo Craft
We can also produce beauty plate from bamboo in many kind color as you want. Sure, you must use any food wrapping paper so you can put your food on this plate.Your yummy food will look so nice with this special plate.
5. Basket/Hamper Bamboo Craft
This is use full bamboo craft product. It will help you to bring your groceries as vegetable, fruit or other thing when you are in market. This bamboo basket will make you look so naturally in crowded market.

Other kind of product can be found in other page, please see it (click) here.

Well,  we have so many kinds of bamboo product. This product surely have unique value than other craftsmen product.
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